when notp porn makes its way to your dash


imagechiakinanami answered your questionIdk what to draw….. give me dang romps ideas or…

Hinami (Hinata/Nanami) maybe….?

I couldn’t think of anything cute for them to do :’-) so just a generic doodle gomen;;

i get online and thats the first thing i see time to go baCK TO BE D


I have no time but I had to draw this and I had to draw it quick…

Hope Yukisada’s arm heals soon…(ノД`)

theres still like 10 people who liked that post that i havent tagged in anything shhh ur time will come

my meme process is literally “wow this isnt funny” to “slayer in me mums car”


pros to looking at scary shit at 3 am:

  • you’re not bored and find some weird shit

cons to looking at scary shit at 3 am:

  • the cat just ran down the hallway and i started crying because i thought i forgot to check pirates cove
talk rocmate to me and sing me placebo

& tag me as 619x now!

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