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yeah no, like, i go to join and it wont go, then when i copy link, it just takes me to lobby and im so confused

yeah that happens to me a lot too omg does it say you’re in a game already, right above the lobby games in red? or is your account new?

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links broken for me ;n;


another round :O


Okay, so I think I want to follow more blogs so please reblog if you post at least one of the following and I’ll follow you!
I’m also putting a * on fandoms that I really want / need !!
But any of them is fine.
Thanks! ♡

• Kagepro / Mekaku City Actors
• Dangan Ronpa
• Super Dangan Ronpa 2*
• Neon Genesis Evangelion*
• Puella Magi Madoka Magica*
• Kill La Kill*
• Nisekoi*
• Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea*
• Corpse Party*
• The Gray Garden*
• Vocaloid / UTAU
• Mawaru Penguindrum*
• Homestuck


idate’s niece nagi….she is so lovely…ㅠωㅠ

#nagi #idate


icoiconi ☆★.. sorry idate :>

#idate #wadanohara and the great blue sea

Anonymous asked: Hi do you know where I can read Ice Scream? I can't seem to find it anywhere unu


i like to think about an older romca a lot

talk rocmate to me and sing me placebo

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