KINDA OUTTA LUCK // a mastermind naegi fanmix

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i. theres a good reason these tables are numbered honey you just havent thought of it  by the panic! at the disco // ii. mastermind by mindless self indulgence // iii. dont mess with me by temposhark  // iv. kinda outta luckby lana del ray // v. change by churchill // vi. this aint a scene its an arms race by fall out boy // vii. adore adore  by yoav // viii. governator by green day // ix. killer by the hoosiers // x. professional griefers by deadmau5 feat. gerard way// xi. just desserts by marina and the diamonds // xii. king ratby modest mouse


i like drawing Gundam with his hair down

sometimes i wonder why people are so obsessed with komaeda when there’s gundam but then i realize people already characterize gundam poorly imagine how awful it would be if he was as popular as komaeda yuck


imagine if you woke up and your name was your url and you looked exactly like your icon



I did this for one of the Celes’ on the FB RP and now I can’t stoppppp

Anonymous asked: what does dfab/dmab mean? 0:

designated female at birth & designated male at birth

@vorenado replied to your post: someone unfollowed me after that weLL

weeding out the weak

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takin out da trash B)


someone unfollowed me after that weLL

i love trans saionji tho like.

she was heavily picked on as a kid and she says it was because she was the heir of her clan but people also??? tried to kill her so it isn’t impossible that it was for something else as well i mean

plus oh man during one of her FTEs she tells hajime that she hates sonia and goes on to say how it’s disgusting how boys flock around her and when hajime is like ??? r u jealous she starts crying

and lol who’s the main target of her bullying???? mikan. the most effeminate/sexualized character in sdr2

and when we see her older during the glitch it’s when she’s been going thru hormone therapy B)

ok h ERe they are, queer headcanons under cut!!

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shouldd i post my queer headcanons for sdr2 y/n ??

cover me in bagels and sing me placebo

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